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17in. Copper Spiral Sunflower FeederBird Quest patented Spiral Bird Feeders have been setting a standard of excellence and performance in tube feeders for nearly 20 years.  Birds LOVE these feeders!  The spiral design equals MORE perch room and attracts MORE birds.  They love to run the spiral instead of flying to another perch, and it’s such an entertaining sight to behold. 

An added benefit to the spiral design is that it allows larger, desirable birds such as cardinals and grosbeaks to feed.  With normal “perch” tube feeders, these birds have difficulty feeding without a seed tray. 

Bird Quest Spiral Feeders are extremely easy to keep clean.  The “Twist & Clean” bottoms come completely off, with no screws to mess with, so you can spend more time feeding and watching the birds and less time dealing with parts and accessories. 

The patent pending locking lid keeps out pests, so you can be sure you’re feeding the birds and not the squirrels.   

Posted Date: 2017-06-16