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Attracting Goldfinches to your Feeders (and keep them coming back!)

Goldfinch spiral feederGoldfinches are beautiful, lively birds to watch and, with a couple of simple tips, you can help them thrive in your backyard.

First things first -- unlike most other birds that visit our feeders, Goldfinches eat seed almost exclusively. In fact, unlike many other Finches, Goldfinch chicks are fed few, if any, insects. Instead, they get the same seeds their parents eat. This fact translates into the Goldfinch spending lots of time around feeders that have quality seed with easy accessibility.

Quality seed and accessibility -- these are the keys to remember!

Quality Seed. Starting out with a quality finch seed product is extremely important. However, just as important, is keeping that seed fresh and dry. You might notice that finches are not eating from the bottom of your feeders. The most likely cause is the fact that as seed gets constantly loaded from the top, it compresses the lower levels, making it harder and harder for the finch to consume. This also leads to the seed getting stale and moist.

The solution is simple – be sure to simply empty the feeder completely before refilling, mixing the old and new seed together.

For this reason, we love the Flip N’ Fill™ feature of our Bird Quest feeders. These feeders allow you to fill from the top one time and the bottom the next. You just flip it over each time you fill it up.

Accessibility. Simply put, Goldfinches don’t like competing at the feeder. In fact, if other species are crowding around, the Goldfinch will often just move on somewhere else. The math is simple here. More feeder openings equal more finches!

Our patented Bird Quest Spiral Bird Feeders maximize perch room to attract more birds. Plus, Goldfinches love move along the spiral!

Another tip to enjoy Finches when they are bright gold is to simply put out “extra” Finch Feeders kali utilizing inexpensive thistle sacks.

Posted Date: 2020-06-12