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photo of BirdQuest Clear Seed Tray

Clear Seed Tray (SEEDTRY2)

Clear Seed Tray

Fits all BirdQuest™ feeders!

Original 7.5-inch tray only $10.95 each!
New 10.5-inch tray only $12.95 each!
  • Two sizes! The original 7.5-inch and the new 10.5-inch!
  • Keeps waste out of your yard, deck or porch and allows ground feeding birds to feed.
  • Easy to attach and unattach - simply screw onto bottom of BirdQuest™ Spiral Feeders until snug.
  • Clear - does not obstruct viewing of birds.
  • Drainage holes keep seed dry.

New 36-inch thistle feeder
hosts a crowd!!!